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30 Jul

Tips to save money for travel

I’ve always loved travelling and I would do it more often if I could but have to work and save money for it too. There are still so many places I want to visit and go back to. I like to experience, learn from different cultures and see the world. I like to create memories. I also try think of ways to do travelling more environmentally friendly.

Travelling can be expensive but there are ways to save money for it and I would also recommend to save money  for other things than just travelling. I know saving is not always possible for all depending on the situation. When I was studying and working at same time I had a quite long break from travelling. For me it was quite evastating, since I love travelling so much.

So here are my tips to save money for travel:

Make a saving plan

So when I decided to start to save money I made an Excel.  Piece of paper would work too. I tried to keep it simple as possible. It also helps me to keep with my bills. Then I calculated how much I can save per month after all the expenses and how much that would make in a year. Now I’m free from all the thinking and I can let the Excel do the work.

Less is More

I’m not a minimalist but it’s something I’m trying to be. Life is so much easier when you have only things that you need and you can sell things and clothing that you don’t need. I try to think before I buy something, and yes I think it’s fine to buy something more expensive to spoil yourself every now and then. When I was studying I went through all my clothes and accessories and sold them on Facebook. This saved some money to my future travels. Nowadays I try to take only things I need and I do a packing list.

Plan your travels

If you work allows try to plan your travels so that you can get hotels and flights in a good price. There are many sites and travelling agencies to find good deals. I might sometimes post photos where I’m staying at a luxurious hotel but the truth is I usually stay somewhere cheaper for longer time and book only a nice hotel for few nights, like we did in Santorini. It would have been very expensive to stay in a luxury hotel for a week. It was something we wanted to experience, so we decided to stay only one night. I usually like to spend the time and book all my travels myself but this takes time and effort, using a travelling agency would take the headache away.

Well these are my tips for saving money to travel, but I’m sure there are many other ways too. Any new ideas and tips are welcome 🙂

  • Angel

    Hi! Interestings tips to save money and very nice pics. In addition I thing it’s better to choose the place for travelling in relation to prices. I mean, if you does not matter where, you can take advantage of special offers (even luxury destinations). The world is big and I avoid some very popular destinations and high seasons.
    Beautiful blog!

    14.9.2017 at 17:40 Reply

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