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16 Jul

Blue Stripes

I love summer cause you don't have to worry too much about the weather if it's not raining when choosing that perfect outfit to wear. I wore this outfit when we were visiting in Milos with friends and staying at Artemis hotel. I don't have any specific favorite brand cause I like to look from different brands and mix. Usually I just have a budget to spend every month on clothing and accessories so I have to keep up with it when shopping. Can't buy all the things I would like to. I would spend a fortune ;) Few times in a year I buy something more expensive like a handbag, shoes or a dress but it's also quite...
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11 Sep

Autumn is coming - Casual Look -

YSL tassel bag, Blue Jeans H&M, White Sneakers HAVE2HAVE I'm so happy it was sunny and warm today but not warm enough to go out without a sweater. You can see that the Autumn is coming when the leaves are changing color and falling down. I love Autumn but I'll miss the warm summer days. Today I wore a sweater, jeans, white sneakers and YSL tassel bag. I'm used to wear this YSL bag more when I go out but I think it goes perfectly with the casual look too. I wanted to go to see a movie today but I had to come back home to get some things done ...
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22 Jul

Floral Print Dress

Floral print dress H&M Today I wanted to wear this floral print dress that I got from H&M before coming to Ibiza. I like summer cause you don't have worry about the weather if it's not raining. This dress perfect for hot summer days and warm summer nights. Tänään halusin käyttää kukkakuvioista mekkoa, jonka ostin ennen Ibizalle lähtöä. Pidän kesästä, koska silloin ei tarvi murehtia säästä, jos ulkona ei sada. Mekko on täydellinen lämpimiin kesäpäiviiin ja -iltoihin. Tallenna Tallenna Tallenna Tallenna Tallenna...
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