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29 Jul

Cave Suite in Santorini

Infinity Pool Santorini We stayed one night in a cave suite with a private pool at Dana Villas. The hotel was also very nice itself. Of course we spent most of our time in the room. I loved that we had both indoor and outdoor pool. Indoor pool was really nice and we also had a hammam. This one would have been perfect for a honeymoon but none of us is getting married this summer so we decided to spend some quality time between friends. Maybe I'll come back if I get married one day. Cave Suite Santorini Cave Suite Santorini Breakfast Santorini Breakfast was really nice too. I...
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28 Jul

Ruffle Dress and Oía

ruffle dress
I wore this white ruffle dress from Asos when I was in Oia. I don't know why but I'm in love with ruffle off shoulder dresses this summer. This was quite nice too in the hot weather but it still got a bit too hot walking all the stairs with all the heavy things I had with me, including camera. Can't see that in the photos and I love taking them so I don't mind. I think I'm also getting used to it. I really like this dress and Oia :) I'm planning to come back to Oia next summer, but maybe with a different dress. I could easily wear this dress also to a party with heels and a...
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20 Jul

Blue Hour in Santorini

One of my favorite moments in Santorini were in Imerovigli watching the sunset. It was my last night in Santorini before flying back home :/ I know many people go to Oia to caputure the sunset but in Imerovigli it was more peaceful and calm. Of course I like both. It hard to capture the same feeling in pictures that you get how beautiful it really is. I think it's something you have to see your own eyes. Santorini is definetely a romantic place to be at. Very relaxing and beautiful. In Fira there are more places to go out, bars and few nightclubs and it's close. So maybe first you want to enjoy a nice dinner and here and...
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