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10 Jul


oia blue domes We didn't stay in Oía but visited there few times. Oía was quite busy at this time, many people taking photos and to some places there were queues to take photos.  So it might take some time if planning to go there for photography, or maybe if you go very early in the morning it will be quiet. If you walk the main street it's easy to find many nice places to take photos and it doesn't take too long to walk it through. There are many nice cafés and restaurant to stop by, but this time we didn't have time.  I think next time I try to spend few days in Oía to get most of...
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25 Jun

Gone Sailing

I just back from Santorini few days ago before we had Midsummer fest in Finland. I didn't do much anything cause I was a bit tired from travelling but we did a short sailing trip around Helsinki. It was nice to just chill, have few drinks and listen some music. I try to make soon posts about Santorini when I get all my photos to my computer. I really enjoyed this trip and I'm already planning to visit again next year! ...
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18 Apr

Lavender blue

I’m not sure about the exact color of this dress so I decided to call it Lavender Blue. I ordered it online before travelling to Spain. It was still a little windy and chilly in Spain for this dress. I think this dress is perfect for summer and I love the color! Now I try to get some sleep. Wishing a nice and relaxing Tuesday to all! //En ole täysin varma mekon väristä, mutta mielestäni laventelin sininen kuvaa sitä parhaiten. Tilasin mekon juuri ennen Espanjan matkaa varten, mutta sää oli vielä liian tuulinen ja kylmä, jotta olisin voinut pitää mekkoa kunnolla. Mekko on täydellinen kesäksi ja pidän erityisesti sen väristä. Yritän mennä nyt nukkumaan. Mukavaa tiistaita kaikille!...
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