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Author: Tiina Joanna

30 Jul

Tips to save money for travel

I've always loved travelling and I would do it more often if I could but have to work and save money for it too. There are still so many places I want to visit and go back to. I like to experience, learn from different cultures and see the world. I like to create memories. I also try think of ways to do travelling more environmentally friendly. Travelling can be expensive but there are ways to save money for it and I would also recommend to save money  for other things than just travelling. I know saving is not always possible for all depending on the situation. When I was studying and working at same time I had a quite long...
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29 Jul

Cave Suite in Santorini

Infinity Pool Santorini We stayed one night in a cave suite with a private pool at Dana Villas. The hotel was also very nice itself. Of course we spent most of our time in the room. I loved that we had both indoor and outdoor pool. Indoor pool was really nice and we also had a hammam. This one would have been perfect for a honeymoon but none of us is getting married this summer so we decided to spend some quality time between friends. Maybe I'll come back if I get married one day. Cave Suite Santorini Cave Suite Santorini Breakfast Santorini Breakfast was really nice too. I...
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28 Jul

Ruffle Dress and Oía

ruffle dress
I wore this white ruffle dress from Asos when I was in Oia. I don't know why but I'm in love with ruffle off shoulder dresses this summer. This was quite nice too in the hot weather but it still got a bit too hot walking all the stairs with all the heavy things I had with me, including camera. Can't see that in the photos and I love taking them so I don't mind. I think I'm also getting used to it. I really like this dress and Oia :) I'm planning to come back to Oia next summer, but maybe with a different dress. I could easily wear this dress also to a party with heels and a...
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