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16 Jul

Blue Stripes

I love summer cause you don't have to worry too much about the weather if it's not raining when choosing that perfect outfit to wear. I wore this outfit when we were visiting in Milos with friends and staying at Artemis hotel. I don't have any specific favorite brand cause I like to look from different brands and mix. Usually I just have a budget to spend every month on clothing and accessories so I have to keep up with it when shopping. Can't buy all the things I would like to. I would spend a fortune ;) Few times in a year I buy something more expensive like a handbag, shoes or a dress but it's also quite...
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30 Dec

Silk Dress

This was one of the places I really wanted to visit when I was in Seville and of course I wanted to wear a dress that would look nice with the surroundings. Perfect place to take photos too. Of course I'm planning to wear this dress again when it gets warmer. It's pure silk and that's why it's also perfect for warm summer days. I think it something that I could also wear for a nice party or dinner. The dress is from Camille. ...
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27 Dec

Weekend in London

I traveled to London two weeks ago with friends. It's always nice to come back here and I always feel there's not enough time to do everything I want. We stayed only for few days from Friday-Sunday so it was not very long but it was nice to do some shopping and relax before Christmas. I stayed in my hotel room on Saturday and ordered room service.  I was too tired to go out but I did have some wine downstairs. On Friday we had dinner at Sketch which was nice and I liked the pink interior there. Food and drinks were good too. I would like to go there for a brunch sometime. I'm dreaming about a holiday home...
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11 Dec

Tapas in Sevilla

I found this perfect Tapas restaurant and bar El Pinton in Seville. Loved the decoration and the pink wall, so pretty!  Would be a perfect place to have a dinner and drinks here but didn't have enough time in Seville to do everything. We had some salad here which was nice too. with a glass of wine. The dress that I'm wearing is from Misa Los Angeles. ...
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1 Dec


We decided to visit in Cordoba on our way to Seville. It take about one hour from Malaga to get there and from Cordoba to Sevilla it takes another hour. I did enjoy my time and night in Cordoba but I had a headache so I was not able to enjoy the night so much and we had to find a pharmacy. We visited in Mezquita-catedral de Córdoba which was quite amazing. The lighting was not so good so it was a bit challenging to take photos and there were quite many people when we visited. Anyway it's worth to visit. We stayed at place called Apartamentos Casa del Aceite. There was this beautiful patio. Perfect place to drink wine and...
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30 Jul

Tips to save money for travel

I've always loved travelling and I would do it more often if I could but have to work and save money for it too. There are still so many places I want to visit and go back to. I like to experience, learn from different cultures and see the world. I like to create memories. I also try think of ways to do travelling more environmentally friendly. Travelling can be expensive but there are ways to save money for it and I would also recommend to save money  for other things than just travelling. I know saving is not always possible for all depending on the situation. When I was studying and working at same time I had a quite long...
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29 Jul

Cave Suite in Santorini

Infinity Pool Santorini We stayed one night in a cave suite with a private pool at Dana Villas. The hotel was also very nice itself. Of course we spent most of our time in the room. I loved that we had both indoor and outdoor pool. Indoor pool was really nice and we also had a hammam. This one would have been perfect for a honeymoon but none of us is getting married this summer so we decided to spend some quality time between friends. Maybe I'll come back if I get married one day. Cave Suite Santorini Cave Suite Santorini Breakfast Santorini Breakfast was really nice too. I...
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28 Jul

Ruffle Dress and Oía

ruffle dress
I wore this white ruffle dress from Asos when I was in Oia. I don't know why but I'm in love with ruffle off shoulder dresses this summer. This was quite nice too in the hot weather but it still got a bit too hot walking all the stairs with all the heavy things I had with me, including camera. Can't see that in the photos and I love taking them so I don't mind. I think I'm also getting used to it. I really like this dress and Oia :) I'm planning to come back to Oia next summer, but maybe with a different dress. I could easily wear this dress also to a party with heels and a...
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20 Jul

Blue Hour in Santorini

One of my favorite moments in Santorini were in Imerovigli watching the sunset. It was my last night in Santorini before flying back home :/ I know many people go to Oia to caputure the sunset but in Imerovigli it was more peaceful and calm. Of course I like both. It hard to capture the same feeling in pictures that you get how beautiful it really is. I think it's something you have to see your own eyes. Santorini is definetely a romantic place to be at. Very relaxing and beautiful. In Fira there are more places to go out, bars and few nightclubs and it's close. So maybe first you want to enjoy a nice dinner and here and...
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12 Jul

Dinner in Blue

We had beautiful dinner in Oia at the restaurant called Asea (Mystique hotel). I didn't bring too many evening dresses. I don't why so I borrowed one from my friend. I think the exact color is closer to violet but I decided to call it blue :) We had a class of sparkling wine to start and some local wine with the sushi. Loved it with the wine. Next time I want to take a tour to some winery in Santorini to try the local wines. It was really nice to spend our night with the beautiful views we had from our table. I could easily see myself here spending a romantic evening with someone one day, but of course...
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10 Jul


oia blue domes We didn't stay in Oía but visited there few times. Oía was quite busy at this time, many people taking photos and to some places there were queues to take photos.  So it might take some time if planning to go there for photography, or maybe if you go very early in the morning it will be quiet. If you walk the main street it's easy to find many nice places to take photos and it doesn't take too long to walk it through. There are many nice cafés and restaurant to stop by, but this time we didn't have time.  I think next time I try to spend few days in Oía to get most of...
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25 Jun

Gone Sailing

I just back from Santorini few days ago before we had Midsummer fest in Finland. I didn't do much anything cause I was a bit tired from travelling but we did a short sailing trip around Helsinki. It was nice to just chill, have few drinks and listen some music. I try to make soon posts about Santorini when I get all my photos to my computer. I really enjoyed this trip and I'm already planning to visit again next year! ...
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18 Apr

Lavender blue

I’m not sure about the exact color of this dress so I decided to call it Lavender Blue. I ordered it online before travelling to Spain. It was still a little windy and chilly in Spain for this dress. I think this dress is perfect for summer and I love the color! Now I try to get some sleep. Wishing a nice and relaxing Tuesday to all! //En ole täysin varma mekon väristä, mutta mielestäni laventelin sininen kuvaa sitä parhaiten. Tilasin mekon juuri ennen Espanjan matkaa varten, mutta sää oli vielä liian tuulinen ja kylmä, jotta olisin voinut pitää mekkoa kunnolla. Mekko on täydellinen kesäksi ja pidän erityisesti sen väristä. Yritän mennä nyt nukkumaan. Mukavaa tiistaita kaikille!...
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17 Apr


Denim Jacket I got this jacket when I was in Spain and it's really nice with this white dress I got from H&M. I think it's very cute with the prints on the back. I have now 2 for this summer. I think it's enough for now and I need more space in my small walking closet so I have to be careful with shopping. I also try to give away and sell some of clothes before summer but I just need at least a day for that. Ostin tämän farkkutakin, kun olin Espanjassa ja minun mielestäni se sopii hyvin valkoisen mekon (H&M) kanssa. Eniten pidän farkkutakin takana olevista koristeista. Minulla on nyt kaksi samantyylistä farkkutakkia...
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4 Apr

Amare Beach Hotel

Amare Marbella Beach Hotel Amare Beach Hotel is beautiful and modern hotel located next to the beach. The location is perfect cause it is in a walking distance from the Old Town of Marbella. This one is one of my new favorite hotels. I wanted to borrow/rent a bicycle from the hotel but we stayed only for 2 nights so we didn’t have time to do all the things we wanted. I was so tired on the second night I forgot to order room service. Something I love to do when I stay at hotels. I can be lazy sometimes when I’m on holidays. It’s just very hard for me to relax at home where I have all...
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28 Mar

Good Morning

I'm finally on Holidays. We spent few days in Marbella at Amare hotel. I loved the breakfast there. I'll post more photos when I get back home. Now I have to get up and get some things done today. Wishing a nice Tuesday to all! Olen vihdoinkin lomalla! Vietimme muutman päivän Marbellassa Amare hotellissa. Pidin paljon hotellin aamiaisesta. Lisään kuvia, kun olen kotona.  Mukavaa tiistaita! Marbella Breakfast...
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22 Mar

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment
Today I got my hair dyed and I also took a Olaplex treatment. I've tried it few times now and I really feel that my hair is getting in better condition. I would like to grow my own hair longer so maybe Olaplex can help me with this to keep it healthy. ..and yes here is the photo before the Olaplex treatment. Now I have to get some sleep, cause I've to wake up early tomorrow. Tänään värjäytin hiukseni ja otin myös Olaplex hoidon värjäyksen yhteydessä. Olen kokeillut hoitoa nyt muutaman kerran ja tunnen, että hiukseni ovat nyt paremmassa kunnossa. Haluan kasvattaa hiukseni pidemmäksi, joten ehkä se onnistuu Olaplex hoitojen avulla.  ...
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18 Mar


This photo was taken few weeks ago when there was snow. I got this jacket and jeans from H&M. I think I won't miss the cold weather but I like snow. These few weeks have been quite busy with work. I try to relax tomorrow and stay away from the computer. I slept for few hours after I came back from the gym and dance workout. Hopefully next week I'll have more time to update my blog and make new post. Wishing a nice and relaxing weekend to all :) Jacket H&M / Bag Eva Clutch Louis Vuitton / Jeans H&M / Shoes Calvin Klein ...
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22 Jan

Silver and White

Skirt H&M / Crop Top Top Shop I like winter and snow but I don't like when it gets too cold. I need to wear a jacket outside now but I didn't find a proper jacket to go with this style so I decided to have few photos without :) I love crop tops but the weather is getting colder now. I'll also try this skirt with a warmer sweater. I'm going to s spa for few days next week so I need to get things ready. I wish a nice Sunday to all! Hame H&M / Crop toppi Top Shop Pidän talvesta ja lumesta, mutta en liian kylmästä. Tämä asu vaatii takin ulkona, mutta en löytänyt sopivaa, joten päätettiin ottaa muutama kuva...
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21 Jan

Dinner at the Farm

I promised to make a post about one of my fav restaurant in Tallinn. Our friend took us to this beautiful restaurant called Restoran farm in Tallinn before Christmas. It's located in Old Town. It has many beautiful details and decorations inside. It's like coming to a countryside or a different environment as soon as you walk in. I ordered soup and it was delicious with the bread. Interior is beautiful and the food is good so I'm planning to come here again next time when I'm in Tallinn. Lupasin tehdä postauksen yhdestä suosikkiravintolastani Tallinnassa, jossa kävimme ennen Joulua. Ravintolan nimi on Restoran Farm ja se sijaitsee Tallinnan vanhassakaupungissa. Ravintola on kaunis kaikkine yksityiskohtineen. Ruoka on myös hyvää, joten tulen mielelläni...
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